Advancement requires a Salubrious Vision

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Saloob is an innovative company that follows all major technology trends with a very sharp understanding of their value and knowing what best fits consumers and businesses.

From small sole proprietor business, to SMB up to large ISPs and Enterprise, Saloob has been at the forefront of disruptive technologies - having a very keen sense of what is coming around the corner.

Saloob was involved in bringing Parallels Virtualisation and Automation solutions to Japan's IDCs and Hosting companies in 2003 - before many of them even knew what the word "virtualisation" meant.

In 2006, Saloob was leading a charge to educate Japan's providers of the need to prepare for the SaaS revolution by aiming for integrated infrastructures. Saloob also proved the first Windows DaaS as a service based on Parallels Virtuozzo with partner IBM.

In 2007, Saloob, Inc., was incorporated to focus on developing integrated infrastructures (what people now call "cloud") together with a powerful line-up of world-class Open Source SaaS solutions, including; Parallels PBA, Virtuozzo, Plesk, Open-Xchange, Funambol, VoIPNow, Zingaya Flashphone, spreed, DaaS, Drupal, SugarCRM, Open Bravo and many more..